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A complete auto repair shop, State Inspection Station, and NAPA Auto Care Center. The shop is staffed with ASE Certified Mechanics.

Customer Reviews

We appreciate feedback from our customers. If you would like to provide a personal review of our services here at Engine-New-Ity, you're welcome to do so. Contact us and let us know your thoughts on the quality of our work.


I have used him for inspecting cars I am thinking of buying, as well as, maintenance and repair. I have confidence in his work and his honesty.
Car Talk reviewer #23712, 2000

Courteous and friendly service, very honest, looks out for your interest. Highly recommended.
Car Talk reviewer #43858, 2002

William Tell (yes, that's his name) is one of the best in the area. He is honest enough to tell you how long you have until a repair is really needed. He even once told me that doing a repair on a car I had wasn't even worth it as he could see more problems coming with the thing and the repairs would cost me way more than the car was worth. Now, that's honesty for ya!
Car Talk reviewer #58883, 2004

Very honest and straightforward. He often tells me that I don't need to worry about certain repairs, or when I will have to start worrying about them. Friendly and courteous, I've never had any complaints about Engine-new-ity.
Car Talk reviewer #73502, 2005

If there is someone better I haven't heard about them. I'd recommend my mother-in-law to him if she were still with us and she had a license. Can't say enough good things about his operation.
Car Talk reviewer #76759, 2006

He is wonderful- very thorough and helpful and honest. He takes the time to explain what repairs are needed and which ones aren't.
Car Talk reviewer #89508, 2007

I found Willy through the Mechanics files, and I couldn't be happier with the recommendation. He keeps my 10 year old car running smoothly, and is more careful with my money than I am!
Car Talk reviewer #133508, 2009

William Tell, the owner and chief, has it right the first time. He is extremely intelligent and articulate; an excellent mechanic, the best we know in the area.
Car Talk reviewer #140663, 2009

Best mechanic. The most thorough anywhere. Honest and trustworthy.
KJELLI - Posted on 03/14/10

I've been going to Engine-New-Ity for many years. You want a mechanic you can trust to be honest. One that won't take advantage of your lack of knowledge about what's under the hood. Engine-New-Ity is that place for me.

Can't wait for my car's warranty to expire so I can go back to Will instead of the dealer. My only complaint is when he'd postpone discretionary work to save me money and not tell me til afterwards. Sometimes, I would have preferred to have saved my time instead, but what a complaint to have, no?
kimberly - Posted on 02/15/12

Will has taken care of my cars for about fifteen years. I have confidence in his work and his ethics.
Richard - Posted on 10/20/11

I found the mechanics at Engine-New-Ity very pleasant and easy to deal with. Even in the face of an irate customer (as I personally observed while waiting in the waiting area) the owner remained calm and tried to explain the situation to the out of control customer. I was impressed! I don't think I could have handled it that well.
CB C - Posted on 10/19/12

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